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Buffalo Manufacturing Works helps innovation-driven organizations excel by partnering with their internal manufacturing, engineering, and R&D teams to deliver better products, grow and compete. If you want to innovate, expand into new markets or boost productivity, we can help. Our collaborative network is designed to give your business the tools you need to grow, improve your bottom line and compete—while stimulating economic development throughout the Buffalo Niagara Region. At Buffalo Manufacturing Works, we work for you.

In the Works

In the Works

New Paper – Pulsed Gas Metal Arc Welding of Copper-nickel Pipe Joints
Copper-nickel alloys are often used in shipbuilding for applications such as tanks, seawater and freshwater piping, and numerous other structures.…

Arconic is New EWI Member
We are pleased to welcome Arconic to EWI membership. The company manufactures high performance, engineered products, and develops solutions for…

EWI Appoints Rob Walter as New CFO
Rob Walter EWI is pleased to announce the appointment of Rob Walter as the new CFO and Vice President of…

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