EWI Welcomes Delta TechOps to Membership

Delta TechOps logo for BlogWe are pleased to announce that Delta TechOps, a division of Delta Air Lines, is a new EWI member. The company operates full-service aviation maintenance and service to its fleet of more than 750 aircraft along with maintenance for more than 150 other operators. The company’s comprehensive services include technical training, engineering support, line maintenance services, inventory management, component support, engine overhaul, and engine condition monitoring, as well as quick-response emergency services through their Disabled Aircraft Recovery Team (D.A.R.T.).

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Meet EWI UltraThinSeal™ at Pack Expo in Chicago

Mitch at PackExpo 2016EWI first introduced its novel ultrasonic sealing technology at Pack Expo two years ago. This year, attendees can find out about EWI UltraThinSeal™, a new firm that can deliver and deploy the technology right into your plant.

Last week, the online magazine MANUFACTURING TOMORROW profiled the EWI spinout company in its pre-Pack Expo coverage. To learn about the technology and the implementation service, read the interview here.Pack Expo

If you are going to Pack Expo 2018, October 14-17 in Chicago, you can check out EWI UltraThinSeal technology and see demonstrations at Exhibit Booth E-9238.

For more information, visit www.ultrathinseal.com or call 972.489.7192.







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EWI Surveys Automotive Industry on Vehicle Electrification

Vehicle electrification is not the wave of the future – it’s the wave of the present! With approximately 2 million electric vehicles in use globally today and estimates of up to 20 million on the road by 2020, the manufacture of electric and hybrid-electric vehicles (EVs and HEVs) is top of mind for automotive OEMs and their suppliers.

ultrasonic example cropThere are many parts and processes to consider when designing and producing EVs – everything from battery joining and wire harnesses to motor construction and car body design. Materials, joining techniques, and inspection methods are constantly under re-evaluation as technology advances expand the possibilities of EV production. In the meantime, car makers are challenged to keep up with the changes to stay competitive.

If you’re an automaker or supplier, you surely face both the opportunities and stresses of an expanding market in EVs and HEVs. What do you need to move forward in this fast-paced environment?

ewi-logoEWI has been active for several years in developing technology to help the auto industry improve reliability and quality in vehicle electrification. Recent innovations in battery tab welding, dissimilar materials joining, and wire harness connectivity offer new solutions to specific EV challenges. With deep expertise in joining technology, structural integrity, and nondestructive inspection, plus 30+ years of experience in the auto industry, EWI is poised to address the ever-broadening array of issues in vehicle electrification to the benefit of manufacturers.

To identify the most pressing challenges in this arena, EWI is conducting a topical survey of OEMs and suppliers. What do you see as the most concerning issues today for vehicle electrification? What specific problems do you face at your company, and what information or services do you need to solve them?

To complete our brief survey, click here now.  EWI invites all auto OEMs and suppliers to participate.

If you would like to speak to an EWI associate today about our initiatives in vehicle electrification, call Doug Myers at 614.688.5177.





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First Phase of EWI-Developed Cybersecurity Trainee Program Launches Successfully

Cybersecuirty 1 September 17, 2018, marked the kick-off date of the training portion of the EWI-developed Cybersecurity Co-op Pilot Program. The first training site is located in Buchanan County, Virginia, and is funded by the Virginia Coalfield Economic Development Authority.

EWI, partnering with leading cybersecurity experts, is working with the Buchanan County Industrial Development Authority to teach non-IT background staff in rural areas the skills necessary to provide cybersecurity services to small and medium-sized businesses. During the training period, students are paid to learn cyber analyst skills using live network data from small manufacturers in the region. Cybersecurity competency, job-readiness levels, and accreditation preparedness for certification will be assessed at the end of the nine-month program.Cybersecuirty 2

“Small and medium-size manufacturers making up the backbone of U.S. supply chains. Their ability to adhere  to cybersecurity requirements is crucial for their continued interaction with larger companies and companies involved with defense,” commented EWI Principal Engineer and Cybersecurity Mentor, Connie LaMorte. “The Cybersecurity Co-op Pilot Program aims to arm the smaller manufacturers with affordable cybersecurity services needed to protect critical industrial systems, sensitive client data, and manufacturing processes. The launch of Buchanan County’s mentee program kick-off is an exciting step forward in this endeavor.”

Project stakeholCybersecurity 3ders, participating companies, community supporters, and new students attended an opening day reception in September to celebrate the start of the training portion of this project.

More details about the project can be found here.

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Viatran is Welcomed to EWI Membership

We are pleased to welcome ViatranViatran logo for web as a new EWI member. The company provides innovative pressure and level transmitters designed for applications such as oil and gas services, steel production, food and medical equipment, injection molding, die casting, and chemical production. Based in Tonawanda, New York, Viatran has been in business since 1965.






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