By: Buffalo Manufacturing Works Team | May 5th, 2017

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Digital radiography and computed tomography (CT) are powerful imaging tools that allow manufacturers to assess the quality of their products after final assembly. Bak USA, a manufacturer of ruggedized laptops and tablets, engaged EWI with a need to understand which technology would be most appropriate to assess the final build quality of their hardened hand-built products. EWI used both techniques to analyze a tablet with manufactured defects representative of the most common issues seen during quality checks, as well as a defect-free device. Based on these analyses, EWI recommended a real-time nondestructive evaluation technique that will allow Bak to ensure that their products will consistently meet their stringent quality standards.snip Kitt Lee

EWI Associates Alex Kitt and Chris Lee have written “Advanced X-ray Inspection Techniques for Electronic Devices” to discuss the challenges, analyses, and recommendations  in this case. To read the paper, click here.

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