EWI Pilots a New Cybersecurity Cooperative for Small and Medium-sized Manufacturers

EWI's Chris Conrardy answers questions at a

EWI’s Chris Conrardy answers questions at “The Importance of Cybersecurity for Manufacturers” in Loveland, CO

Chris Conrardy, Chief Technology Officer of EWI, announced a pilot program to help small and medium-sized manufacturers (SMMs) address the threats of cyber attacks in an increasingly interconnected industry. This cybersecurity cooperative was introduced at an event on December 13th in Loveland, Colorado, “The Importance of Cybersecurity for Manufacturers.” This program was hosted by Manufacturer’s Edge, NoCO Manufacturing Partnership, and CAMA.

Manufacturing is undergoing a massive transformation today as game-changing, digitally driven technologies intensify the connectivity within the industry. The need to protect critical industrial systems and intellectual property has never been more important – or more difficult. The state of cybersecurity is constantly in flux as new vulnerabilities emerge and attackers adapt to defenses.

SMMs make up more than 90% of all U.S. manufacturers and constitute the backbone of US supply chains.  Many, however, lack the expertise and resources necessary to adequately address their cybersecurity needs.

EWI’s pilot program is testing the effectiveness of a novel, non-profit, “cybersecurity cooperative” business model to simultaneously serve SMMs while developing a pool of cyber-savvy talent from disadvantaged communities. While the program is being tested in a rural region in Virginia, EWI actively seeks input from SMMs across the country with the goal of developing a cybersecurity cooperative that is affordable, accessible, and sustainable for SMMs nationwide.


To learn more about EWI’s cybersecurity pilot program, contact Chris Conrardy at cconrardy@ewi.org or 614.688.5191.

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The EWI Strategic Technology Committee for Oil & Gas: Research Progress for 2017


The EWI Strategic Technology Committee for Oil & Gas (STC) brings together companies interested in furthering research and addressing technical needs related to materials and welding with the goal of enhancing the safety,reliability, and integrity of infrastructure for the energy industry. STC members include major oil and gas companies; steel makers; engineering procurement, construction, and installation companies (EPCIs); fabricators; and welding consumable suppliers from around the world. The results of the STC’s joint industry projects provide valuable insight into optimized welding approaches and selection of materials to ensure adequate in-service performance, and updated guidance on performing engineering integrity assessments for offshore infrastructure.

Several STC projects are currently in progress. To read a review of these projects, click here.

For more information about the STC, contact Tom McGaughy at tmcgaughy@ewi.org.





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Enhance Your Manufacturing Competitiveness with EWI Membership

Connie_Paul squareManufacturers in all industrial sectors seek to increase their competitive advantage and innovate faster. However, not everyone has access to the advanced manufacturing technologies and engineering expertise that can enable them to do so. Often these businesses turn to EWI when they need advisory, technology development, or implementation services to complete a project. They know they can rely on us to provide both objectivity and deep knowledge across a broad base of technologies.

ewi-logo-new121But like many manufacturers, you may be looking for more than a one-shot service provider. If what you want is an ongoing, supportive partnership with expert consultants, direct access to laboratory resources, and a dedicated team of applied researchers, EWI Membership could be the answer for you.

EWI Membership offers:

  • A direct link to expert team of engineers
  • Unlimited design reviews
  • Access to EWI’s extensive research library and librarians
  • Members-only tech papers and research reports
  • And more

Interested in learning more? We’ve prepared 7 Things You Should Know About EWI Membership to help you understand the many benefits you’ll get as part of your EWI Membership.

If you’d like to speak to an EWI associate today about membership, please contact Ian Gibbs at igibbs@ewi.org or 614.688.5152 ext. 2.





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EWI associates to meet with attendees at DMC 2017

DMC imageAs in past years, EWI will be well represented at the upcoming Defense Manufacturing Conference in Tampa, FL,  December 4-7. Several  associates will present technical research during the conference, and our staff will also be on hand to meet with colleagues, customers, and companies interested in using EWI’s services to address defense manufacturing challenges. If you plan to  attend DMC 2017, we invite you to stop by Booth 602 to discuss objectives, issues, and options for optimizing your  production processes.

Please plan to attend our presentations:

If you would like to schedule an appointment to meet with an EWI associate during DMC 2017, click here now.

For more information, contact Mark Schimming at mschimming@ewi.org.




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New Article — Can Metal Additive Manufacturing Compete with Casting?

AM parts 2Casting is one of the oldest and most popular manufacturing processes for metals, but could eventually be displaced by additive manufacturing (AM).  Costs for AM are continuing to decrease while material performance and the number of available materials continue to increase.  For small production runs with long lead times, it is possible additive manufacturing is preferred solution for complex geometries.

In a new article, Can Metal Additive Manufacturing Compete with Casting?EWI engineers Ron Aman and Ryan Hurley discuss the possibilities of shifting from casting to AM and provide examples using powder bed fusion technologies. To read the article, click here.

The authors can be reached at raman@ewi.com or rhurley@ewi.com.



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AtriCure is New EWI Member



EWI welcomes AtriCure, Inc., as a new member company. Based in Mason, OH, the company provides innovative technologies for the treatment of atrial fibrillation and related conditions. AtriCure invests in clinical science and technology to develop standards of care that support long-term outcomes. To learn more visit www.atricure.com.





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Metal Powder Recycling and Reconditioning in Additive Manufacturing — New Paper


With the advent of metal powder-based additive manufacturing (AM) and its acceptance for critical applications, it has become important to understand the behavior of raw materials using different AM techniques. Each AM process has its own requirements for material properties in terms of chemistry, size distribution, porosity, flow-ability, morphology and apparent density, all of  which can affect the properties of the final part. Recycling expensive specialty powders can make the AM process more affordable. The limits of reusing powders, however, must be understood so that quality specifications can be maintained.

Recyclability builds

Recyclability builds

A new paper by Rutuja Samant and Brendan Lewis, Metal Powder Recycling and Reconditioning in Additive Manufacturing, examines both the challenge and potential of metal powder reuse, and the need to develop qualified methods to recondition powders and re-qualify them for production.

To download the paper, click here.

To contact the authors, email rsamant@ewi.org.

To learn more about EWI’s work in AM, visit ewi.org/technologies/additive-manufacturing.





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WNY Economic Development Expert Joins EWI to Support New Initiative at Buffalo Manufacturing Works

Buffalo, NY – EWI announced that Elizabeth Callahan has joined its team at Buffalo Manufacturing Works. Callahan has been hired as Senior Program Director to launch a new program that will guide small and medium sized manufacturers through the identification, adoption, and deployment of technology and innovation.LizCallahanHeadshot2017

The new program, funded through Buffalo Billion II, will work directly with this cohort of manufacturers to help them through the process of learning about, preparing for, and identifying mission critical technology. Once that step is complete, the team will prioritize the deployment of that technology. The program will be launched later this year.

Prior to joining Buffalo Manufacturing Works, Callahan was the workforce development manager at the Buffalo Niagara Partnership. She has extensive experience in bringing together cross-sector partners to address critical manufacturer needs in our region. Callahan is a graduate of Purchase College, State University of New York.

“As Buffalo Manufacturing Works continues to expand our service offerings to help manufacturers grow and compete, we are excited to have Liz on board to launch this new program, ” said Michael Ulbrich, President of Buffalo Manufacturing Works. “Liz has spent years on the ground working directly with the Western New York business community and will be a great asset as we look to help more manufacturers make transformative improvements to benefit our entire region.”

Buffalo Manufacturing Works, an advanced manufacturing center of excellence operated by EWI, is part of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s Buffalo Billion initiative. Since opening its doors in April 2015, it has invested $18 million on state-of-the-art equipment and has engaged with clients in a wide variety of industries on more than 100 projects.


About EWI

EWI is the leading engineering and technology organization in North America dedicated to developing, testing, and implementing advanced manufacturing technologies for industry. Since 1984, EWI has offered applied research, manufacturing support, and strategic services to leaders in the aerospace, automotive, consumer electronic, medical, energy, government and defense, and heavy manufacturing sectors. By matching our expertise to the needs of forward-thinking manufacturers, our technology team serves as a valuable extension of our clients’ innovation and R&D teams to provide premium, game-changing solutions that deliver a competitive advantage in the global marketplace. To learn more, visit www.ewi.org, email info@ewi.org, or call 614.688.5000.

About Buffalo Manufacturing Works

Buffalo Manufacturing Works, operated by EWI, helps innovation-driven organizations across North America excel by partnering with their internal manufacturing, engineering and R&D teams to deliver better products, grow, and compete. Located on the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus in downtown Buffalo, the facility houses state-of-the-art equipment to facilitate applied R&D projects with members, as well as a team specializing in three primary technology focus areas: Advanced Automation, Additive Manufacturing and Metrology & Inspection. For more information, visit www.buffalomanufacturingworks.com.

About the Buffalo Billion

In an extraordinary recognition of Western New York’s potential, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo has committed an historic $1.5 billion investment in the Buffalo area economy to create thousands of jobs and spur billions in new investment and economic activity over the next several years. This $1.5 billion commitment to economic excellence is setting a new growth trajectory for jobs and the regional economy. We are creating a region that is admired worldwide, that attracts more people to live, learn, work and visit; where entrepreneurs and businesses want to invest their time and capital; and where all our institutions reflect a transformative culture of inclusion, continuous improvement, adaptation and excellence. To learn more about the Buffalo Billion, visit www.buffalobillion.ny.gov.

An Approach to Determine Minimum Amplitude Required for Ultrasonic Welding — New Paper

One of the most important variables for ultrasonic welding is amplitude.  While recommended amplitude guidelines are available for many generic materials based on accumulated industry experience, use of specialized and newly developed materials is rapidly increasing.  To that end, it is desired to have a method for experimentally determining the minimum amplitude required for a material.

Blog photo for post

EWI Applications Engineer Miranda Marcus has written a new paper, “An Approach to Determine Minimum Amplitude Required for Ultrasonic Welding,” to introduce a new, experimental method for determining minimum required amplitude. To download the paper, click here.

Miranda Marcus can be contacted at mmarcus@ewi.org.




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