By: Buffalo Manufacturing Works Team | August 23rd, 2017

Orbital GTAW of pipeAutogenous orbital gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW), a fusion technology that does not require a filler, is not a new process for joining pipe and tube. The advantages of the process, however, are not widely known due to its limited use in industry. Autogenous orbital GTAW is capable of producing single pass, complete joint penetration welds on square edge butt joints without using filler metal. This automated process can increase productivity by reducing the welding time required for an applicable piping system to be completed. Fewer passes required to complete each weld result in time savings, and cost reductions are realized by eliminating the need to prepare beveled groove joints and purchase filler metal.

Cross section of an autogenous orbital GTAW weld

Cross section of an autogenous orbital GTAW weld

Implementing technologies that reduce the cost and build time for US ship construction was the primary focus of a project to investigate how autogenous orbital pulsed GTAW could reduce fabrication costs for ship piping systems. The results are described in a new paper by Steve Manring, Autogenous Orbital Gas Tungsten Arc Welding Can Increase Pipe Welding Productivity.

To read the paper and see how pipe welding time was reduced by approximately 35 percent, click here.

Steve Manring, EWI Project Engineer, can be contacted at

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