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AMC Welcomes New Members: 3D Systems and ArcelorMittal

The Additive Manufacturing Consortium, operated by EWI, is pleased to introduce these companies to AMC membership: 3D Systems, the originator of 3D printing and innovator of 3D solutions, combines its plastic and metal 3D printers, print materials, on-demand manufacturing services and end-to-end manufacturing software solutions for industry including aerospace, automotive, and consumer goods. Headquartered in Rock Hill, SC, the companyRead more

Key Steps to Accelerating Production Process Development

Increased demand for new, lighter, longer-lasting products is driving manufacturers across industries to incorporate newer, more advanced materials into product development. As material specifications change, so must the production development infrastructure. Whether single stage shifts or entire line changes are required, manufacturers must carry out a number of preliminary steps to ensure success. Essential preliminaryRead more

Oil & Gas Strategic Technology Committee: Research for 2018 — new paper

The Strategic Technology Committee for Oil & Gas (STC), established by EWI in 2013, works to identify gaps and needs in materials joining and allied technologies relevant to the energy industry, and develops technology development programs to address those needs.  Its goal is to enhance the safety, integrity and reliability of critical infrastructure used inRead more

CoorsTek joins EWI Membership

CoorsTek, manufactures custom ceramic components for industries, including automotive, semiconductor, defense & aerospace, energy, and more. Headquartered in Golden, Colorado, CoorsTek has over 50 locations worldwide. The post CoorsTek joins EWI Membership appeared first on EWI. Powered by WPeMatico

AMC will hold Summer Meeting in Boston, July 25-26

The Additive Manufacturing Consortium (AMC), operated by EWI, will hold its Summer Meeting July 25-26, 2018. The AMC hosts quarterly meetings to bring together a diverse group of AM end users, suppliers, researchers, and stakeholders across academia, government, and industry. This upcoming meeting will take place in Boston, Massachusetts, and will feature tours of twoRead more

Methods of Polymer Weld Quality Evaluation — New Paper

There are many options available for evaluating the quality of polymer welds. It can be a challenge to select the best one for your application. Yet, choosing the appropriate evaluation method is an essential step in the development and production maintenance of a welding process. Recently EWI conducted research to compare several quantitative and qualitative polymer weld quality evaluationRead more

EWI Welcomes Ring Precision Components to Membership

Ring Precision Components has recently joined EWI Membership. The company manufactures custom components for a wide variety of markets including injection molding, munitions, medical-pharmaceutical, compaction, steel stamping and metal forming industries. The post EWI Welcomes Ring Precision Components to Membership appeared first on EWI. Powered by WPeMatico

New paper – Key Considerations for Metal AM Parameter Optimization

The term “optimize process parameters for additive” is commonly used in the additive manufacturing (AM) world. But what does it really mean to optimize parameters for metal additive manufacturing? Bringing a 3D-printed part to market involves identifying the correct material source, characterizing the raw material, identifying the correct machine parameter window for deposition, developing the stress reliefRead more

Competing in an Era of Rapid Change: Accelerate Your Product Development with EWI

A manufacturing revolution is upon us. Product performance requirements are increasingly more stringent, while consumers are demanding products that are lighter, smaller, stronger and longer-lasting. New technologies are changing the way materials are used, and new materials are pushing the envelope on technology development. And, manufacturers across all industries are under increasing pressure to reduceRead more

Shape Corporation joins EWI Membership

EWI is pleased to welcome Shape Corporation to membership. As a full service, tier-one automotive and industrial component supplier, Shape Corporation’s engineering teams design, test and analyze metal, plastic and hybrid components and systems. . The post Shape Corporation joins EWI Membership appeared first on EWI. Powered by WPeMatico

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