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Shift Roundtable Discussion – Ideation to Implementation

Join us for the Shift program’s final roundtable discussion of the year, Tuesday, December 4th at 8:00am. Ben Rand from Insyte Consulting and Tony Staub of Staub Precision Machine will join us to discuss new tools to drive ideation at your organization, planning for change amid uncertainty and best practices for building an innovation planRead more

EWI Research Helps MTI Develop Low-force Friction Welding Solution for Rail

The rail industry has long been seeking a more dependable, longer-lasting way to weld rail lines. The standard joining methods, flash-butt welding and thermite welding, produce joints with short weld lives and require frequent repair. To address this issue, EWI conducted research on linear friction welding (LFW) as a potential method for joining rail. TheRead more

EWI Fundamentals of Welding Engineering Course: Register Now for Spring and Summer Sessions

EWI has announced new dates for its comprehensive Fundamentals of Welding Engineering course. Classes will be held at EWI headquarters in Columbus, Ohio. The Spring Session is set for March 4-8, 2019. Click here to register. The first Summer Session is scheduled for June 17-21, 2019. Click here to register. Taught by EWI engineers, FundamentalsRead more

EWI plays key role in $1.2M Award by America Makes to ASTM Center of Excellence

A $1.2M award by America Makes has been granted to the ASTM Additive Manufacturing Center of Excellence to help develop industry consensus on best practices and standards for materials handling and post processing. As a founding partner in the new Center of Excellence, EWI will play a critical role in the project to help advanceRead more

New Paper — Vehicle Electrification: Analysis of Current Challenges

The electrification of automobiles, trucks, and busses – once considered a technology related primarily to the manufacturing and assembly of batteries – now affects nearly every aspect of today’s vehicles. As the demand for vehicle electrification rapidly increases, manufacturing engineers face an array of engineering challenges. To help manufacturers deploy new concepts more efficiently, EWIRead more

New paper — Development of Brazing Alloy for SiC Brazing

Silicon carbide is an important structural ceramic material owing to its excellent thermal and environmental stability, resistance to radiation, resistance to thermal shock, and high strength and ceramic toughness. For these reasons, silicon carbide components are well-suited for advanced nuclear fuels and other high-temperature service programs. Finding a satisfactory solution to SiC-to-SiC joining, however, hasRead more

EWI Associates Publish Paper in ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING

Effect of Structural Support on Microstructure of Nickel Base Supperalloy Fabricated by Laser-Powder Bed Fusion Additive Manufacturing by EWI Engineers Hyeyun Song, Tom McGaughy, and Alber Sadek has been published in the journal ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING. The article, co-authored by their colleague Wei Zhang at The Ohio State University, will appear in Volume 26 of theRead more

Happy New Year from EWI!

2018 was an exciting year at EWI. We worked developed game-changing technologies and solutions for industry, and helped many clients realize their goals. In addition, we achieved several successes of our own – from award-winning R&D to collaborative efforts in research standards, government programs, and spinouts – that will benefit manufacturing in the coming yearRead more

Every Day is NUMISHEET at EWI

By Tom Feister Thirteen years ago, I landed my first job out of school at a company that developed software for sheet metal forming simulations.  I did not know anything about sheet metal forming or finite element analysis (FEA) simulation. To get up to speed, I would read through publications from NUMISHEET conferences.  It wasRead more

Microstructural Evolution in IN718 Produced by L-PBF Additive Manufacturing — new paper

The additive manufacturing (AM) process laser powder bed fusion (L-PBF) is applied frequently to build complex, shaped parts. The process uses a laser beam to melt metallic powders which are then deposited layer by layer. As the range of metals and alloys for L-PBF continues to expand, the characteristics of these new materials need toRead more

New EWI Guide to the Challenges of Vehicle Electrification

As the demand for electric and hybrid electric vehicles continues to increase, automotive OEMs and suppliers face an array of engineering challenges. Every major system in a car – from battery to wire harness through powertrain – is affected by the transition. Methods of welding, joining, testing, and inspection all must be re-evaluated as newer,Read more

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