By: Buffalo Manufacturing Works Team | July 17th, 2017

thumbnail_nde_reduce_scrap_10174Profitable growth and innovation requires finding new ways to reduce manufacturing costs. Advanced NDE and inspection techniques give manufacturers the ability to reduce waste, ensure quality faster, meet government and industry regulations, and more.

EWI’s infographic, Five Ways to Reduce Manufacturing Costs Using Nondestructive Evaluation, illustrates the areas where manufacturers can find cost savings using the latest NDE techniques. The infographic also contains three mini case studies in successful implementation of NDE:

  • Reducing material waste
  • Reducing destructive test specimens for validation
  • Automating for greater reliability and cost savings

Download the Infographic

If you would like to learn how EWI can help your company reduce costs and add to its bottom line using state-of-the-art NDE techniques, contact Evgueni Todorov, NDE Technology Leader at

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