EWI, Buffalo Manufacturing Works Featured in 3D METAL PRINTING Magazine

An article in the Summer 2017 issue of 3D METAL PRINTING, “Spearheading AM Technology & Powder R&D,” shines the spotlight on Buffalo Manufacturing Works and the groundbreaking work being accomplished there by EWI’s additive manufacturing specialists. The AM team, under the guidance of EWI Technology Leader Frank Medina, plays a leading role in developing in qualifyingRead more

Use of Design of Experiments (DOE) Methods in Materials Joining Research

Design of Experiments (DOE) methods have been used as a tool for industrial research for many decades. These methods allow empirical correlation between defined input data factors and any number of responses from the process of interest.  For example, in resistance spot welding input parameters might be current, weld time, and force. Responses would thenRead more

Increasing Weld Penetration with Unique Process Can Improve GTAW

Ian Harris, EWI Technical Director of Aerospace Solutions, recently published an article titled Detailing DeepTIG: How Increased Weld Penetration Can Improve GTAW Results. Co-authored with Yehuda Baskin and Philip A. Baskin, the article appears in the July-August 2017 issue of Practical Welding Today. A patented process called EWI DeepTIG uses specialized metal oxides to increase weld penetration inRead more

New article: Understanding Collaborative Robot Safety

The introduction of collaborative robots (cobots) into the marketplace brings new standards for safe interaction with this new robotic technology.   Cobot safety starts with understand the collaborative application and what technology is required to meet the safety needs.  Once the technology is determined then a methodical risk assessment is done and the correct standards are followedRead more

Servotronics is New EWI Member

EWI is pleased to welcome new member  Servotronics, Inc. Based in Elma, NY, the company manufactures, designs, and develops high-quality components, systems, and sub-systems. The products include servocontrol valves, torque motors, actuators, pressure regulators, metallic seals, and many other products which are used in applications for space, military, and commercial aircraft; helicopters; ground vehicles; testRead more

EWI’s Jerry Gould to speak at GALM on August 23rd

Jerry Gould, EWI Technical Fellow for Resistance and Solid-state Welding, will be a featured speaker this month at the 6th Annual Global Automotive Lightweight Materials (GALM) Summit in Detroit. His presentation, Joining As An Enabling Technology For the Manufacture of New Generation Lightweight Automotive Structures, will cover the following: Technical challenges in welding of newRead more

EWI to Offer Fundamentals of Welding Course in August and October

EWI will offer its frequently requested “Fundamentals of Welding” class for professionals two more times in 2018.  This five-day course, geared toward engineers and technicians, provides an overview of the various aspects of welding technology. The course is organized into modules discussing welding processes (arc, high-energy density, and non-arc), welding metallurgy and weldability, welding design and testingRead more

Fabrisonic Engineer profiled in “Spotlight on Women in 3D Printing” series

Hilary Johnson Hilary Johnson, Sales Engineer at EWI’s spinout company Fabrisonic, was recently featured in the online newsletter 3DPrint.com. An article titled “Taking the Unconventional Route to 3D Printing” chronicles her roundabout path to a successful career in engineering at a company she loves. To view Hilary’s profile in 3DPrint.com, click here. To read aRead more

EWI Colorado – Capabilities and Services on the Front Range

EWI Colorado opened in the fall of 2016, unveiling our latest state-of-the-art lab and facility.  This center of excellence was established in partnership with the City of Loveland, the Colorado Advanced Manufacturing Alliance (CAMA) and the State of Colorado to offer the region direct access to EWI’s full range of experts and provide expanded technical servicesRead more

EWI Welcomes New Member Tekna

We are pleased to introduce Tekna as a new  EWI member. Tekna is a  manufacturer of  turnkey plasma systems to develop and produce high yielding, advanced high-quality powders.       The post EWI Welcomes New Member Tekna appeared first on EWI. Powered by WPeMatico