Arc Welding

EWI’s engineers and technicians are skilled in over a dozen types of arc welding and arc hybrid technologies.


EWI’s Design, Controls & Automation (DCA) team designs and develops custom, automated solutions for materials joining and inspection

Friction Processes

EWI has been awarded more than a half-dozen patents in this rapidly evolving technology.

Testing Services

From routine material certification and qualification testing to specialized prototype and high-end R&D testing

Laser Processes

From ultra high-speed fiber and disc laser welding to hybrid laser technologies

Materials Engineering

Expertise in chemistry, ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, polymers and thermodynamics

Modeling & Simulation

Improving the manufacturing decision-making process and accelerating manufacturing improvements

NDE & Inspection

Extensive equipment, facilities, and an expert staff keep EWI on the leading edge of advanced nondestructive evaluation and inspection techniques

Resistance & Solid-State Processes

New innovations of these processes for materials, cladding, and joining improvements

Soldering and Brazing

Including environmentally-sound ultrasonic technologies and a unique, patented lead-free solder

Structural Integrity

Designing for, testing, and improving the integrity of joined structures of all sizes and materials

Ultrasonic Processes

High-power ultrasonic processes for materials joining, additive manufacturing, machining, and more