Advanced manufacturing requires advanced technology. At Buffalo Manufacturing Works, our goal is to help companies develop and implement the cutting-edge technologies needed to manufacture products faster, better and more cost-effectively. Our engineers work closely with your engineering and manufacturing teams to identify new technologies—then apply them to your products and production processes.

Three main focus areas

Our researchers and technicians strive to develop best-in-class technologies that help companies manufacture products faster, better and more cost-effectively.

Based on input from Buffalo Niagara manufacturers, we offer four primary focus areas, all of which leverage local industry expertise and strong academic support. Buffalo Manufacturing Works is focused on cross-cutting manufacturing technologies – those that can be be applied to a wide range of products and manufacturing sectors.

Other Technologies Available

EWI offers many other technologies and capabilities through their main facility in Columbus, Ohio. These include:

Arc Welding

EWI’s engineers and technicians are skilled in over a dozen types of arc welding and arc hybrid technologies.


EWI’s Design, Controls & Automation (DCA) team designs and develops custom, automated solutions for materials joining and inspection

Friction Processes

EWI has been awarded more than a half-dozen patents in this rapidly evolving technology.

Testing Services

From routine material certification and qualification testing to specialized prototype and high-end R&D testing

Laser Processes

From ultra high-speed fiber and disc laser welding to hybrid laser technologies

Materials Engineering

Expertise in chemistry, ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, polymers and thermodynamics

Modeling & Simulation

Improving the manufacturing decision-making process and accelerating manufacturing improvements

NDE & Inspection

Extensive equipment, facilities, and an expert staff keep EWI on the leading edge of advanced nondestructive evaluation and inspection techniques

Resistance & Solid-State Processes

New innovations of these processes for materials, cladding, and joining improvements

Soldering and Brazing

Including environmentally-sound ultrasonic technologies and a unique, patented lead-free solder

Structural Integrity

Designing for, testing, and improving the integrity of joined structures of all sizes and materials

Ultrasonic Processes

High-power ultrasonic processes for materials joining, additive manufacturing, machining, and more