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Buffalo Manufacturing Works helps innovation-driven organizations excel by partnering with their internal manufacturing, engineering, and R&D teams to deliver better products, grow and compete. If you want to innovate, expand into new markets or boost productivity, we can help. Our collaborative network is designed to give your business the tools you need to grow, improve your bottom line and compete—while stimulating economic development throughout the Buffalo Niagara Region. At Buffalo Manufacturing Works, we work for you.

In the Works

In the Works

EWI Engineer’s Work on Tele-manufacturing is in the Spotlight
EWI’s innovative work in developing tele-manufacturing has received a lot of industry attention from both the government and commercial sectors.…

EWI Can Help Small and Mid-sized Manufacturers Transition to Industry 4.0
Industry 4.0 systems use the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), real-time monitoring, digital twin and process standards, human-machine interfacing, and…

EWI Celebrates Engineers Week 2023
Last week, EWI associates took some time to celebrate National Engineers Week 2023 – a yearly, weeklong event whereby we…

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