How Buffalo Manufacturing Works – Works!

Laser Cutting Machine of metal sheet with sparks.

One call to Buffalo Manufacturing Works links you directly to a one-of-a-kind resource center dedicated to helping manufacturers with customized business solutions. Depending on your unique needs, our collaborative network will help you innovate, grow and improve your bottom line.

Meet our team:

ewi-transparentAs one of the few organizations in the U.S. that specializes in taking technological innovations from early stage proof-of-concept to production, EWI anticipates, develops commercializes and implements leading-edge technologies that have a significant impact on manufacturing competitiveness. EWI is our lead operating partner so you’ll see a few members of our team came from EWI to launch Buffalo Manufacturing Works.

ub-logo-partners Because research is a key component for innovation, we rely on the University of Buffalo, the largest SUNY campus, for its expertise in engineering, materials science, chemistry, and other manufacturing-related fields.

Insyte Consulting-v2 Sometimes a manufacturer comes to Buffalo Manufacturing Works to get an outside opinion of their processes to see how they can improve productivity. In that case, we refer you to the expert advisors at Insyte Consulting to take a close look at your operations and see how you can boost revenue through lean manufacturing and other process improvement methods.

Western New York’s geographic location puts international expansion on the radar for many local manufacturers but navigating international trade water can be complex. That’s where the World Trade Center Buffalo Niagara comes in to guide you through the process of expanding into new international markets.

REGIONAL TRAINING PARTNERS – We recognize that a skilled workforce is critical to the success of any manufacturer. Regional training providers give access to new skilled workers and resources needed to train and certify your existing workforce, and Buffalo Manufacturing Works provides a resource for industry needs and feedback.

Ready to get to work with us? Give us a call at 716-710-5500.

Buffalo Built: What’s Next?

Grain ElevatorFire Hydrant
Every time you flip on your windshield wipers or turn up your air conditioner, we’re guessing that Buffalo, NY, isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. But you have Buffalo to thank for both inventions. There is a new video making the rounds on social media that highlights amazing innovations and innovators that Buffalo can lay claim to. Featured inventions include the grain elevator, the first system of fire hydrants, the Ball jar, Kittinger furniture, the first hydroelectric power plant, the windshield wiper, the air conditioner and the list goes on and on. It’s worth a watch!

With a rich history in innovation and deep manufacturing roots, it’s pretty exciting to think what the next chapter of this video will look like in 5 years, 10 years and even 50 years. What else will be born in Buffalo? At Buffalo Manufacturing Works, our goal is to help manufacturers impact our region’s future success and prosperity by adding to that video. We can help leverage cutting-edge technologies, creative strategies, and best practices that will have a ripple effect on businesses and consumers throughout the region.

That video couldn’t squeeze in all of Buffalo’s inventive breakthroughs. You can read about more outstanding “Made in WNY” products from our partner Insyte Consulting including the Crescent Wrench and the artificial Sponge. We’ll be sure to let you know when we come across another one!

The Big Winner? Buffalo Manufacturers

Steve Mentoring ASi Photo

There’s a lot of buzz in Buffalo about the Buffalo Billion. As you may know, Buffalo Manufacturing Works is one of the signature programs of New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s Buffalo Billion Economic Development plan for Western New York. Another signature initiative was the 43North Business Plan competition that awarded $5 million to national and international entrepreneurs in October that were willing to relocate their business to Buffalo, N.Y.

But here’s where Buffalo becomes a large living room as some say… the $1 million grand prize winner? A startup Buffalo manufacturer called Adiabatic Solutions or ASi that has developed a rapid metal forming system that makes components that cost less. It’s not surprising that with our region’s rich history in manufacturing, this company is also a driver for our future. Now, before you jump to a conclusion about a Buffalo team winning, 43North brought in a number of nationally known judges including Randall Lane, editor of Forbes Magazine, Bijan Sabat, a well-known venture capitalist and early Twitter investor, and Esther Dyson, an angel investor and philanthropist. You can read Randall Lane’s take on the competition and the decision to award a local manufacturer the grand prize for Forbes here.

One of Buffalo Manufacturing Work’s lead team members, Steve Levesque, was chosen to mentor ASi team members, Glenn Thomas and Ted Cadwallader, in the days before the final pitch.

“ASi had some stiff competition, but all of their hard work throughout the past several years has paid off. Just as the grand prize will accelerate ASi’s ability to get their technology into the marketplace, this competition provides a boost to an innovative culture and will be yet another part of the manufacturing renaissance in Buffalo,” said Steve.

Here’s a video that highlights the finalists and their experiences during 43North week. You can catch Steve at 4:57.

Mentoring and teamwork are an important part of growing the western New York economy. Having the right people on your team, with the right knowledge and expertise to build and grow a business, is at the core of what Buffalo Manufacturing Works does. Just think of us as an extension of your team. Ready to get to work? Contact us.

Tuning In to Buffalo Manufacturing Works


Recently, I was tuned in to NPR and caught a report about what the new factory worker should know in a special series called American Made: The New Manufacturing Landscape. The reporter visited a family-owned manufacturing facility in South Bend, Indiana that has been in existence for almost 100 years and is adopting new advanced manufacturing techniques to adapt its business and its workforce. I couldn’t help but think we have manufacturers here in Western New York with a similar story.

The reporter talked with an apprentice who is learning the ins and outs of high friction welding, a process that uses friction instead of fire, and talked about how intense his job is and how precise you need to be using the new technology. Both the owner and the apprentice talked about the need for highly skilled workers to run these new complex machines. Again, we’ve seen numerous articles in the Western New York media about the skilled worker shortage, especially the need for skilled welders.

The timing couldn’t be better for the opening of Buffalo Manufacturing Works. It will connect manufacturers with strategic partners to develop innovative solutions that will improve productivity, expand market potential and grow their workforce. Buffalo Manufacturing Works, operated by EWI, will be exposing manufacturers to new technologies and will work to leverage the intellectual knowledge of its collaborative partners (including Insyte Consulting, University at Buffalo and World Trade Center Buffalo Niagara) to establish our region as a hub of manufacturing innovation. Maybe soon you’ll be tuning in to American Made to hear how one of Buffalo’s manufacturers is revolutionizing a process or technique after working with Buffalo Manufacturing Works. Stay tuned!