Meet with EWI’s Defense Technology Team at DMC 2019

EWI is pleased to return to the Defense Manufacturing Conference (DMC) 2019, December 2-5, at the Phoenix Convention Center in Phoenix, AZ. Several EWI associates will be on hand at booth #406 to discuss technology developments, advancements in joining technologies, and solutions for additive manufacturing. You are invited to stop by to discuss your manufacturing technology needs with:

  • Paul Blomquist
  • Tim Frech
  • Dennis Harwig
  • Tom Hite
  • Bob Kratzenberg
  • Chris Kiminas
  • Luke Mohr
  • Nancy Porter
  • Mark Schimming

To set up an appointment in advance to meet with a member of EWI’s Defense Team, please complete the form below.


I would like to meet with an
EWI Defense specialist at DMC.
Please contact me:

EWI technology
specialists will also be presenting during the DMC technical program. Don’t
miss talks by Applications Engineer Luke Mohr (A New Approach to Reduce CT Scan Time and Cost, 12/4 at 2:30 pm) and Senior Engineer Tim Frech (Joining to
Flexible Hybrid Electronics,
12/5 at 12:15 pm).

If you have any questions, please contact Mark Schimming at [email protected] or 614.688.5139.

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Joining of Copper Foils by Capacitive Discharge Welding

In battery manufacturing, foils are attached via ultrasonic
metal welding, an effective method with some significant drawbacks. These
include debris generation, fatigue and cracking, and difficulty with in-process

EWI has recently been working with an alternative joining technique for battery foils, capacitive discharge (CD) welding. Its advantages include rapid thermal cycling results, highly localized joint heating, applicability to highly conductive materials, and the ability to join many layers of foil with a single weld.

EWI associates Kate Namola, Tim Frech, and Jerry Gould have written Joining of Copper Foils by Capacitive Discharge Welding which discussed EWI’s research on this topic. To download this paper, please complete the form on this page.

Complete this form to download the paper:

If you would like to discuss EWI's work in battery joining, contact Tim Frech at [email protected]. To learn more about capacitive discharge welding, contact Jerry Gould at [email protected].

To view the paper, please complete the form above.

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Buffalo Manufacturing Works celebrates Grand Reopening at Northland Central

In mid-October, Buffalo Manufacturing Works President Michael Ulbrich welcomed clients, suppliers and community partners to the new home of EWI New York in the Northland Corridor on the east side of Buffalo.  The opening of the 50,000 square-foot facility signaled the realization of a vision come true – co-locating critical resources for regional manufacturers under one roof.  

move is more than just the rehabilitation of a building,” said Ulbrich to
guests who came for a special preview on October 10th. “It is about bringing
new life to a neighborhood that was once a bustling epicenter of manufacturing
in our city.” To set the stage, visitors were treated to short video
highlighting the development of the Northland Central site and the impact it
will have on the revitalization of local, regional, and national manufacturing.
 To view
the video, click here.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo
officially announced the grand opening on October 29th.  A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held the same
day at Buffalo Manufacturing Works with city officials, representative from the
state, members of the regional economic development community, and other
partner organizations based in Northland Central facility.

Buffalo Manufacturing Works focuses on additive manufacturing, automation,
quality measurement and nondestructive evaluation, and is outfitted with
top-of-the-line equipment to help manufacturers achieve their goals. In
addition to offering a suite of advisory services, it serves as headquarters
for the NY-based Shift program for small and medium-sized local manufacturers. The
new facility, which double the size of the center’s original building, offers
room to expand EWI’s technical capabilities and create more opportunities for
our customers.

The bottom line is Buffalo Manufacturing Works is open for business! To tour our new facility and learn about our technical resources for manufacturers, contact Michelle Bulan at [email protected].

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AWS Foundation Gives Shoutout to EWI Intern

Recently, EWI Engineering Intern Liya Amanuel was featured in the American Welding Society (AWS) Foundation’s “Summer Job Spotlight,” which profiled this year’s Foundation scholarship recipients. Liya is currently an undergraduate student at The Ohio State University, where she is pursuing a degree in welding engineering. Since starting her internship in May 2018, she has been an active member of the EWI resistance and solid-state processes research team. To date, Liya has worked on projects involving liquation cracking during resistance spot welding of Gen3 steels, capacitor discharge welding, micro-friction welding, and electro-spark deposition for nickel-based superalloys.

EWI is proud of Liya’s accomplishments as an EWI intern and AWS Foundation scholar. In just 18 months, she has been an author on two papers, Critical Factors Affecting the Quality of Electro-spark Deposits on Nickel-base Superalloys and Influence of Current Duration on the Resistance Spot Welding of Galvanized Gen III Advanced High Strength Steel. Her third paper on friction pin welder process development will be published later this year.

To read about Liya’s
internship experience in the AWS “Summer Job Spotlight,” click

For information about EWI’s college internship program, contact [email protected].

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EWI and MTI to Cooperate in Technology Development of Low Force Friction Welding

Technology innovator EWI is pleased to introduce
Manufacturing Technology, Inc, as its newest Strategic Technology Member.
Together, EWI and MTI, a leading manufacturer of inertia, direct drive, and
hybrid friction welders, will work in collaboration to advance the new hybrid
joining technology known as low force friction welding.

EWI logo

“Low force friction welding is a break-through solid-state technology that offers the quality advantages of friction welding with the flexibility and processing speeds of resistance welding,” says Jerry Gould, EWI Technology Fellow in Resistance and Solid-state Welding. “It is an example of how understanding the underlying science of several welding technologies can come together to create a unique joining method.”

The low force friction technique involves pre-heating materials prior to deformation, which can dramatically reduce processing force and time requirements compared to conventional friction welding.  First presented in 2017 by EWI, the technology offers advantages over traditional forge welding type processes in terms of reduced flash formation, cycle time, and equipment scale. In addition, the resistance variant also enables post-weld heat treatment integral to the processing cycle. The technology has been successfully applied to steel, aluminum, titanium, and nickel-based alloys, and has potential for application in the automotive, aerospace, heavy manufacturing, oil and gas, and rail sectors.

Dan Adams, President and CEO of MTI, is enthusiastic about the
development work his company has planned with EWI.

“Though low force is a relatively new technology, we’ve
spent years developing it, mastering it and researching how it can best help a
number of industries,” says Adams. “It’s exciting to be able to collaborate
with an innovation leader like EWI to help propel low force friction welding on
to more manufacturing floors across the US and globally.”

EWI has been a membership-based organization since its
inception in 1984, providing member companies with direct access to
manufacturing process expertise, technical competence, and experience
engineering specialists.  Strategic
Technology memberships offer equipment fabricators a new tier of partnership
aimed at delivering technical solutions to the industry at an accelerated pace.

“We are pleased to introduce this new membership category to
creative companies that want to improve manufacturing processes across
sectors,” says Chris Kiminas, EWI Ohio President. “By integrating their
cutting-edge machinery and systems into our IRD programs, we will be able to
transform emerging technologies into innovative applications with
the potential to generate great improvements in manufacturing.”

To learn more about EWI and MTI’s work in low force friction welding contact Jerry Gould at [email protected] or Constanza Lengerich at [email protected].

To find out how your company can become an EWI Strategic Technology Member, contact Dale Robinson at [email protected].

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