EWI Offers Pipeline Material Testing to Meet New Government Requirements

Recent changes in Federal regulations governing high-pressure gas transmission pipelines require that pipeline operators have traceable, verifiable, and complete documentation of the pipe material comprising their pipelines. In cases where documentation of pipeline material does not meet the regulations, this physical testing must be completed on material removed from the pipeline.

EWI’s material test laboratory can accommodate testing of pipeline material and produce documentation that meets the regulations. We are able to respond immediately to customer inquiries, and turn around work quickly. The testing and verification that are typically performed to satisfy the regulations include:

  • Verification of pipe geometry
  • Verification of seam type through metallography
  • Strength – tensile testing of pipe body and weld material
  • Toughness – both Charpy impact and J/CTOD testing of pipe body and weld material
  • Chemistry – using optical emission spectroscopy

The work is overseen by engineers familiar with pipeline materials and historical manufacturing methods and performed by seasoned technicians that are dedicated to producing quality test results.

Questions about EWI’s pipeline material property testing? Contact Paul Zelenak, Applications Engineer ([email protected], 614.688.5187).

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EWI Working with Argonne National Laboratory to Improve Airplane Manufacturing through AI

When it comes to manufacturing new lightweight, yet strong components for new passenger jets, scientists are treating the process like trying to brew the most delicious cup of coffee.

By using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, researchers at the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Argonne National Laboratory are intelligently and automatically selecting the perfect settings for a different kind of hot brew — the process of friction stir welding, a common ingredient needed to manufacture airplane components.

In a new collaboration with GE Research, EWI, and GKN Aerospace, Argonne computer scientists are putting the power of the laboratory’s automated machine learning expertise and supercomputers to use. By reducing the number of costly experiments and time-consuming simulations with a new machine learning approach, they can generate accurate models that provide valuable information about the welding process in much less time and at a fraction of the cost….

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Robotics Training Courses from EWI in 2022

US manufacturing has experienced a huge rise in worker shortages, supply chain disruptions, and consumer demand over the past 22 months. In response, many companies have turned their attention to automated processes for a solution.

Some manufacturers have been using automation for a while, but for others it is unfamiliar territory. How do you even begin to consider this technology if you don’t have an internal base of experience?

EWI has developed a set of introductory robotics courses to help engineers, technicians, and managers understand automation and how it can be utilized in their production facilities. The courses range from a 1-day hands-on robotics workshop to a 5-day robotics integration intensive. The goal is to establish both a working knowledge of applied robotics and the resources needed to successfully adopt it for your operation.

Click this video to learn about the range of robotics courses offered by EWI

EWI will be offering six robotics training sessions in 2022. Courses will be held at EWI’s automation learning lab at Buffalo Manufacturing Works in New York. Class size is limited to allow for a full hands-on experience in our robotics work cells. Registration is open now for all six classes, and early sign-up is recommended.

To learn more about EWI’s robotics and other professional training courses, visit ewi.org/services/production-services/training-classes.

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Getting Advanced Manufacturing Technology onto the Factory Floor

By Henry Cialone
President & CEO, EWI

Although the who, what, when, and where frequently change, one constant at EWI is the why. Our mission to deliver innovative technological solutions that enhance competitiveness in manufacturing is the why that guides everything we do.

We approach that mission in three separate, interrelated steps:

  • Step 1: Identify the best options to solve manufacturing challenges.
  • Step 2: Develop the right solutions by using scientific methodology and advanced manufacturing technologies.
  • Step 3: Implement new processes through system launch and beyond.

While all the steps are important, the third is perhaps most critical. Technology that never makes it to the factory floor can’t improve your operations or increase your competitiveness.

We typically work through these steps with our customers on a one-to-one, proprietary basis.

Less often (though still common), we identify challenges and develop solutions that are broadly applicable, and then get them inserted into manufacturing operations by licensing technologies to other companies for them to deploy.

From time to time, we find we’ve developed a technology that’s ahead of the market — a technology for which there is no logical licensee. In those cases, we adopt an alternative approach: We stand up a new company to deliver that technology to the outside world.

I’d like to tell you about one such company…

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EWI Advanced Technology Webinars Scheduled in January and February

In early 2022, EWI will host three webinars on advanced manufacturing topics for engineering professionals. These technical presentations are free to attend, but participants must register in advance.

  • Back by popular demand, Senior Technology Leader Jerry Gould will offer a webinar on Design of Experiments for Manufacturing Processes. This event will take place on Tuesday, January 18th, from 1:00-2:00 pm EDT. To register today, click here.
  • Another encore webinar, Corrosion Science — An Indispensable Toolkit Throughout the Product Life Cycle, will be presented by Principal Engineer Joshua James. This session will be held on Tuesday, February 8th, from 1:00-2:00 pm EDT. To sign up now, click here.
  • Expanding on the topic of corrosion, Joshua James will host a new webinar, Corrosion Concerns of Additive Manufacturing, on Tuesday, February 22nd, from 1:00-2:00 pm EDT. To reserve your spot, click here.

If you would like to learn more about these and other learning opportunities offered by EWI, visit ewi.org/events today.

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EWI 2021 — Our Year in Review

Happy New Year from EWI!

If the past 20 months have proven anything, it’s that companies need to be nimble and adaptive to succeed in a rapidly changing and often uncertain economy. While EWI has always responded quickly to external challenges, our flexibility was put to the test in 2021.

Many interrelated issues – including but not limited to the ongoing pandemic – prompted us to revisit, reevaluate, and reprioritize the services and resources that EWI offers its clients. The most pressing factors included:

  • Supply chain disruptions and the need for alternative materials
  • Skilled worker shortages, both immediate and anticipated in the long term
  • Global climate concerns and new environmental regulations
  • Consumer demand for smarter, better-quality products
  • The drive to increase connectivity and data sharing between manufacturing systems and networks

In recognition of new economic realities, EWI readjusted internal goals to meet our clients’ shifting needs. We ramped up projects and programs geared toward workforce development and training, green energy delivery systems, Industry 4.0 expansion, materials development and validation, and future innovation toward advancing manufacturing technology and efficiency.

We invite you view some highlights of the last 12 months in our annual “Year in Review” graphic presentation, which you can view by clicking here.

If you need assistance in 2022, there are many ways that EWI can help your venture succeed. If you would like to discuss a new product or project, you can reach out to us by clicking the button below or calling 614.688.5152.

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