Scouts Earn Their Welding Badge at EWI

On March 25, EWI hosted BSA Scouts from ten local troops for a Welding Merit Badge event. It was the first opportunity for the scouts to earn their badges since before Covid, and enthusiasm was high!

The event kicked off at 8:00 am on Saturday morning and lasted until 4:00 pm. During the day, the participants learned about welding basics, terminology, equipment, safety, and career welding. They got to spend half the day in the welding booths completing a project for their final badge certification.

The scouts, leaders, and parents also had a chance to tour the EWI research labs.

In all, 22 boys and girls – including several children of current and former EWI associates – completed their badge certification. Plus, an attending Cub Scout got to try welding for the first time.

Many thanks to the professionals who volunteered their time to make the event a success: Randy Dull, Tim Moore, Tom Filbert, and Eugene Choi of EWI; David Phillips, Boyd Panton, and Mark Cooper of OSU, and Mark Norfolk of Fabrisonic.

We look forward to hosting the Welding Merit Badge Event again in the future!

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EWI Engineer’s Work on Tele-manufacturing is in the Spotlight

EWI’s innovative work in developing tele-manufacturing has received a lot of industry attention from both the government and commercial sectors. The groundbreaking technology and systems that enable manufacturing operations and processes to be conducted between remote locations are poised to change the way manufacturing is done throughout the world…and possibly beyond!

The cutting-edge R&D that went into creating different tele-manufacturing platforms over the past few years – welding, inspection, gouging, and grinding, to name a few – has been shared previously by EWI both in publication and video presentations.

Connie LaMorte, Principal Engineer and lead developer in the EWI tele-manufacturing group, has also been discussing the broader implications of this breakthrough technology, which include addressing the skilled worker shortage in manufacturing, performing construction and repair in distant or harsh environments, and even the eventuality of manufacturing in space. Last month Connie was interviewed by Thomas Insights about the current and future impact of tele-manufacturing, and the possibilities are awe-inspiring.

You can access Thomas’s reports and interviews with Connie directly to learn more:

In addition to the above, Connie speaks frequently about tele-manufacturing at professional events. She will present on Tele-welding Shipyard Prototype for Welding (and Other) Applications at the upcoming NSRP All-Panel Meeting, March 28-30, in North Charleston, SC. Most recently, she served as a keynote speaker and panelist at the AWS Women in Welding Conference: Automation in Welding held on March 16.

To learn more about tele-manufacturing or to contact Connie LaMorte, reach her at [email protected] or 614.688.5247.

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EWI Can Help Small and Mid-sized Manufacturers Transition to Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 systems use the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), real-time monitoring, digital twin and process standards, human-machine interfacing, and big data analytics to optimize manufacturing operations. For small and medium-sized manufacturers (SMMs), however, it can be hard to find ways to use IIoT tools.

Recently, EWI created a productivity dashboard to help SMMs to scan and inspect incoming parts. EWI’s Zachary Corey has written Industry 4.0 Productivity Dashboard for Small and Medium-sized Manufacturers to describe this off-the-shelf system.

You are invited to download this paper – for FREE – by submitting the form on this page.

For more information about ways that EWI can help your company leverage Industry 4.0 concepts and tools, contact [email protected].

Complete this form to download the paper:

To view the paper, please submit the form above.

To learn more about EWI's specialized services for small and medium-sized manufacturers, click here.

Want to contact an EWI expert about a project? Call 614.688.5152 or click here

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EWI Celebrates Engineers Week 2023

Last week, EWI associates took some time to celebrate National Engineers Week 2023 – a yearly, weeklong event whereby we recognize our technical talent and acknowledge our line of business with lots of food, fun, and healthy competition amongst associates in our Columbus and Buffalo laboratories.

Project Engineer Olga Eliseeva took the win for this year’s Geeky T-shirt Contest, while Corporate Services Manager John Castorano won our EWI T-shirt Design Contest. Happy Hour with Lego-building and Paper Airplane Challenge resulted in a winning shark mobile designed by Principal Engineer Bill Mohr out of our Columbus office and an industrious transportation vehicle by Technician Bryan Donahue from our Buffalo facility – with a victorious paper airplane designed by Buffalo Project Engineer Tim Beltrami.

Finally, Trivia & Cookies between our Columbus and Buffalo teams produced a win for our Buffalo associates.

We’re already looking forward to next year!

View our video highlighting the event and some of our winners.

Bill Mohr’s shark mobile.
John Castorano’s winning EWI T-shirt Design.
Olga Eliseeva wins this year’s Geeky T-shirt Contest.
Tim Beltrami wins the Paper Airplane Contest!

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Celebrating Fabrisonic in Its New Home

A few weeks ago, EWI associates — past and present — were delighted to attend the grand opening of Fabrisonic LLC’s new facility just outside of Columbus. The independent company, founded and incubated at EWI, has moved into a new, 30,000-square-foot building in Lewis Center, OH, where it will have ample room for its expanding enterprise.

The event was attended by industry representatives and government officials including the Lieutenant Governor of Ohio. It was also a celebratory reunion of sorts for EWI’s current associates and alumni, several of whom had worked with Fabrisonic’s President and CEO Mark Norfolk in the early days of the company.

Congratulations to our sister company and
cheers to future success in its new home!

EWI associates and alumni celebrate with Fabrisonic in front of “Big Blue”

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McWane is New EWI Member

We are pleased to welcome McWane to EWI membership. The McWane family of companies makes ductile iron products, including pipe, valves, hydrants, fittings and plumbing products, and manufacture fire extinguishers, fire suppression systems and steel pressure vessels. It operates more than 25 manufacturing facilities in North America and around the world.

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