By: Buffalo Manufacturing Works Team | July 30th, 2018

image 1The increased use of advanced high-strength steels (AHSS) in the auto industry has improved passenger safety for lighter structures using thinner gage AHSS, while maintaining strength and toughness. Edge cracking, which develops more frequently in the stamping of AHSS, is a defect that can occur in formed parts due to shearing-induced work hardening or other edge conditions. This creates a localized area that exhibits different mechanical properties than the rest of the blank, making simulation predictions of edge cracking of AHSS challenging.

The current ISO standard for edge-cracking evaluation has limitations.  A New Testing Method for Edge Cracking, co-authored by Project Engineer Laura Thornton Zoller and Forming Intern Clare Gu, details how EWI recently developed a new edge-cracking testing method through an internal development project (IRD) to address these limitations.

To download this paper, click here. If you’d like to learn more about EWI’s new testing method for edge cracking, please contact [email protected].




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