By: Buffalo Manufacturing Works Team | December 20th, 2014

Laser Cutting Machine of metal sheet with sparks.

One call to Buffalo Manufacturing Works links you directly to a one-of-a-kind resource center dedicated to helping manufacturers with customized business solutions. Depending on your unique needs, our collaborative network will help you innovate, grow and improve your bottom line.

Meet our team:

ewi-transparentAs one of the few organizations in the U.S. that specializes in taking technological innovations from early stage proof-of-concept to production, EWI anticipates, develops commercializes and implements leading-edge technologies that have a significant impact on manufacturing competitiveness. EWI is our lead operating partner so you’ll see a few members of our team came from EWI to launch Buffalo Manufacturing Works.

ub-logo-partners Because research is a key component for innovation, we rely on the University of Buffalo, the largest SUNY campus, for its expertise in engineering, materials science, chemistry, and other manufacturing-related fields.

Insyte Consulting-v2 Sometimes a manufacturer comes to Buffalo Manufacturing Works to get an outside opinion of their processes to see how they can improve productivity. In that case, we refer you to the expert advisors at Insyte Consulting to take a close look at your operations and see how you can boost revenue through lean manufacturing and other process improvement methods.

Western New York’s geographic location puts international expansion on the radar for many local manufacturers but navigating international trade water can be complex. That’s where the World Trade Center Buffalo Niagara comes in to guide you through the process of expanding into new international markets.

REGIONAL TRAINING PARTNERS – We recognize that a skilled workforce is critical to the success of any manufacturer. Regional training providers give access to new skilled workers and resources needed to train and certify your existing workforce, and Buffalo Manufacturing Works provides a resource for industry needs and feedback.

Ready to get to work with us? Give us a call at 716-710-5500.

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