By: Buffalo Manufacturing Works Team | December 20th, 2018

By Tom Feister

Thirteen years ago, I landed my first job out of school at a
company that developed software for sheet metal forming simulations.  I did not know anything about sheet metal
forming or finite element analysis (FEA) simulation. To get up to speed, I
would read through publications from NUMISHEET conferences.  It was a great way to get familiar with
critical sheet forming topics such as springback and formability limits.  As well as learn the best way to test
material properties and apply them in simulation.  The most interesting part of the NUMISHEET
proceedings were the benchmark studies.

The EWI Forming Team

The benchmark section is a sheet metal forming simulation
competition.  Researchers and engineers
are given the geometry and process parameters for a sheet metal forming
process.  The goal is to achieve the most
accurate prediction result using numerical simulation.  Measured results from physical trials are
released after the prediction results have been submitted.  This is a great way to compare the software
code as well as the skill and expertise of the user.

NUMISHEET only occurs every other year.  At EWI, we continue to push the limits of simulation accuracy every day.  We achieve this through close working relationships within industry and equipped with the latest in simulation software, metal forming presses, materials testing equipment and measuring tools.

  • Simulation software: AutoForm, PAM-STAMP,
  • Presses: 300-Ton AIDA servo press and 160-Ton
    hydraulic press with warm forming test cell
  • Materials Testing: Erichsen sheet testing
    machine, tensile testing, and DIC capability
  • Quality measuring Tools: ATOS blue light scanner
    and ARGUS strain analysis

It is the biggest pleasure of my career to be in the middle
of the action.  My first year at EWI has
taught me a lot about the best FEA software to use for specific applications
and exactly how much material testing is necessary to achieve a sufficient
amount of correlation.   The EWI Forming Center has grown over the last
couple of years to offer the highest quality solutions and in a more efficient
configuration than ever before.  If you
have a metal forming issue we would love to work with you to solve it.

Tom Feister is an Applications Engineer in the EWI Forming Center. He can be reached at [email protected] or 614.688.5124.

To learn more about EWI’s forming capabilities, click here.

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