By: Buffalo Manufacturing Works Team | December 16th, 2019

EWI’s Buffalo Manufacturing Works was recently featured in a
3-part series published by
The articles focus on how small and mid-sized manufacturers (SMMs) are starting
to use automation to address workforce shortages and optimize operations.
Buffalo Manufacturing Works has played a key role in helping regional SMMs
identify, develop, and implement robotics for greater productivity.

EWI’s Mike Garman demonstrates robotic technology for manufacturing at Buffalo Manufacturing Works

The Forbes series, written by Rich Blake,
homes in on the pivotal work being done by EWI’s team in Western New York to
bring advanced manufacturing solutions to smaller companies. The first article,
Factories Embrace Automation – Because They Can’t Find Enough People
discusses the challenge of finding qualified workers for manufacturing
today and how incorporating automation is one way to address that issue.
Getting started, however, can be daunting for SMMs. That’s where the
engineering team at Buffalo Manufacturing Works can provide expertise and assistance.

The second article, Smaller
Manufacturers That Need a Helping Hand Add Robotic Arms
, follows EWI
Senior Engineer Mike Garman at Buffalo Manufacturing Works as he guides a group
of SMMs through the options for introducing smart automation into their
operations. EWI’s Shift program offers resources to help them take that crucial
first step.

A local company that took that step is highlighted in the
third piece, An
Aerospace Company’s First Foray into Robotics Takes Flight
. Astronics
LSI worked with EWI to identify a repetitive-yet-critical task that could be
automated. The advisory team developed a set of robotic solutions for the job,
then helped the manufacturer find the right service provider to build the
robotic arm. As a result, Astronics is now able to redirect its staff toward
higher-level machine work, making the best use of its resources and raising its

To read the articles, click on the links below:

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