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Machine Learning Approach Offers Potential to Transform FGMs

With advancements in additive manufacturing, interest has grown in functionally graded materials (FGMs) as the gradual variations in their composition can provide locally tailored properties. However, they are plagued by a familiar challenge in the world of multi-material solutions – effective joining. The broad range of composition in FGMs can lead to several problems, mostRead more

Shipbuilding Project Showcases Buried Arc GMAW Technology

Shipyards typically use submerged arc welding (SAW), flux cored arc welding (FCAW) or gas metal arc welding (GMAW) to fabricate butt joints in thick steel plate. But there are drawbacks to these traditional welding methods, such as the necessity for weld joint preparation. In addition, multiple welds are often required to fill the joint. Now,Read more

Paving the Way for a Hydrogen Future

By Henry Cialone President & CEO, EWI Building new pipelines to transport hydrogen gas within the U.S. is an endeavor of high interest among companies interested in moving away from carbon-based energy sources. EWI recently partnered with a dozen industry stakeholders to kick off an 18-month program to study and test the optimal approaches forRead more

Empire State Development Announces Launch of Initiative to Further Support Innovation and Growth for Manufacturers in Western New York

Shift 2.0 Program Will Assist Manufacturing Companies with Technological Improvements and Innovation to Increase Productivity and Employment January 11, 2023 — Empire State Development (ESD) today announced Buffalo Manufacturing Works, operated by EWI, will build on the success of the Shift program, with Shift 2.0, which is designed to move small to medium-sized manufacturers fromRead more

Determining the Optimum Hydrogen Soak Times for Steel Pipe Testing

While the goal of establishing an efficient hydrogen economy increases steadily, there is still only limited data related to impact of gaseous H2 on pipe steel. Activities in EWI’s new hydrogen environmental are underway to address this issue. Required Soaking Time for Hydrogen Testing, a new paper by Applications Engineer Jesse Rhodes, describes work beingRead more

Fabrisonic Moves to 30,000-square-foot Facility

More than a dozen years ago, EWI worked on an innovative concept that applied ultrasonic welding to successive layers of metal tape to build up a solid, three-dimensional shape. This additive technique had the ability to join different metals together and enabled in-process machining of the part. Ultrasonic additive manufacturing (UAM) was patented, and inRead more

Welding & Joining Courses for Engineering Professionals Set for Early 2023

EWI is pleased to offer the following professional training courses in the first half of 2023: Fundamentals of Welding Engineering This five-day course provides engineers and technicians with an overview of the various aspects of welding technology. The course is organized into modules discussing welding processes, welding metallurgy and weldability, welding design and testing (includingRead more

EWI’s New H2 Environmental Testing Lab — Open for Business

In support of industry-wide investment in carbon neutrality with a key component being a transition to hydrogen as a utility fuel, EWI has developed a unique laboratory capability for testing of material properties under exposure to high-pressure, gaseous H2 environments. Understanding the influence of hydrogen embrittlement and hydrogen-assisted cracking on the performance of critical infrastructureRead more

2022: EWI’s Year in Review

EWI’s goal is to consistently deliver high-end technology innovation and stellar service in manufacturing processes to our clients. In 2022, we addressed customers’ needs in both areas through the following activities: Presented applicable, technology-driven research at more than 100 professional events and published more than 30 technical papers and reports Provided hands-on, in-person training toRead more

Eff is Author of Award-winning paper on Joining of Aluminum Metal Matrix Composite

Michael Eff, EWI Congratulations to EWI Principal Engineer Michael Eff who has won (along with colleagues Logan Smith and Ian Donaldson) the 2022 Howard I. Sanderow Outstanding Technical Paper Award from The Metal Powder Industries Federation. The paper, Joining of Two-Piece Aluminum Metal Matrix Composite (Al-MMC) Transmission Carrier Via Friction Stir Welding, was selected fromRead more

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