By: Buffalo Manufacturing Works Team | February 13th, 2015

By: Alex Kitt

Machining Technical Working Group 2.4.15Last week, Buffalo Manufacturing Works launched our first Technical Working Group, this one focused on machining & finishing, to an enthusiastic group of area manufacturers and representatives from our partners at the University at Buffalo and Insyte Consulting.

Created as a venue for continued input from local manufacturers, the technical working groups will serve as an important component of technology road mapping activities.  We were excited when the session quickly transitioned from a presentation of emerging trends in machining to an interactive conversation with attendees sharing their expertise, experiences and interests around the topic.

The wide ranging discussion covered topics from advances in conventional machining to ultrasonic assisted and cryogenic machining as well as a survey of cutting and milling with alternative energy sources. Check out the diagram the working group created during the session:

Advanced Manufacturing Diagram


This first conversation shows great promise for an ongoing, dedicated convening of machining and finishing experts in Buffalo!

Our Technical Working Groups continued this week with a session on Additive Manufacturing (look for a recap next week) and we will feature sessions on Flexible Manufacturing and Materials & Testing in the coming weeks. All are designed to put your ideas to work. If you’re curious about the presentation we shared, you can take a look here: Advanced Machining Slides



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