By: Buffalo Manufacturing Works Team | January 8th, 2019

Silicon carbide is an important structural ceramic material owing to its excellent thermal and environmental stability, resistance to radiation, resistance to thermal shock, and high strength and ceramic toughness. For these reasons, silicon carbide components are well-suited for advanced nuclear fuels and other high-temperature service programs. Finding a satisfactory solution to SiC-to-SiC joining, however, has been an ongoing problem.

EWI has developed a novel approach to SiC joining that uses a multiphase, braze-alloy interlayer consisting of silicon and aluminum. The approach does not require high pressures – a key distinction compared to other processes – and has the potential to meet the requirements for nuclear fuel programs.

Development of Brazing Alloy for SiC Brazing, written by Project Engineer Drew Shipley and Senior Engineer Alber Sadek, describes this breakthrough and how the approach was achieved. To download a copy of this paper, click here now.

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