By: Buffalo Manufacturing Works Team | January 10th, 2019

The electrification of automobiles, trucks, and busses – once considered a technology related primarily to the manufacturing and assembly of batteries – now affects nearly every aspect of today’s vehicles. As the demand for vehicle electrification rapidly increases, manufacturing engineers face an array of engineering challenges. To help manufacturers deploy new concepts more efficiently, EWI has instituted a dedicated research program to address materials joining challenges related to the initiative.

In his new paper, Vehicle Electrification: An Analysis of Current Challenges, Senior Technical Advisor Matt Short discusses how EWI is investigating the manufacturing of high-performance batteries, manufacturing of wire harnesses and cables, and weld quality monitoring with the intent to develop new methods and technologies to optimize vehicle electrification.

To download a Vehicle Electrification: An Analysis of Current Challenges, click here now.

To discuss your vehicle electrification issues with Matt Short, contact [email protected].

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