By: Buffalo Manufacturing Works Team | May 1st, 2019

welding is important to many industrial applications. For instance, with
battery manufacturing, the direct joining of polymers to metals can allow for
smaller package designs; in automotive manufacturing, direct joining improves
fuel efficiency; and direct joining used in medical device manufacturing
results in better quality joints.

Recently, EWI investigated a method of direct joining using a commercially available surface treatment, CoBlast, a proprietary surface modification developed by ENBIO Ltd. Research trials demonstrated that this surface treatment method can be used to improve the bonding strength of both polymers PTFE and PA to steel. This research is discussed in a new paper by EWI Applications Engineer Miranda Marcus et al., Joining TeflonTM with Nylon to Steel Using Commercial Surface Treatment.

To view this paper, click here.

To learn more about EWI’s plastics joining capabilities, click here.

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