In-process Inspection Paired with AI/Machine Learning Create Powerful Quality Assurance System

Are you seeking an automated solution to assess quality, reliability, and safety in your manufacturing operation? EWI recently worked with materialsIN to develop a real-time quality assurance system for ultrasonically welded, lithium-ion battery tabs. In a new paper, A Fully Automated Quality Assurance Solution for Battery Tab Welds Using Process Monitoring and AI, EWI engineersRead more

Using FEA as an ICME Tool to Predict the Performance of Structures

Integrated computational materials engineering (ICME) uses analytical and numerical tools to create predictive models. Recently, EWI has published a series of papers examining analytical methods that work well in assessing thermal/mechanical responses in specific joining processes. Some highly complex joining applications, however, require advanced computational tools such as finite element analysis (FEA) to achieve desiredRead more

Accelerating Production of Large Structures and Systems (RAPLSS): Establishing a National Manufacturing Roadmap

Staying competitive in large-structure production is vital for American industries today. The Accelerating Production of Large Structures and Systems (RAPLSS) survey initiative, sponsored by NIST Manufacturing USA and managed by EWI, aims to streamline this process. The Need for Large Structure Production 4.0 Technologies US industries must adopt leading-edge technologies for large structure production 4.0Read more

CFS is New EWI Member

EWI is pleased to welcome Commonwealth Fusion Systems (CFS) to membership. The company designs and builds fusion energy systems to achieve its mission of delivering clean, limitless fusion power to the world. The post CFS is New EWI Member appeared first on EWI. Powered by WPeMatico

An Improved Method for Determining Flow Stress for Sheet Metal Forming Modeling

EWI has recently developed a new technique to obtain improved accuracy in material flow stress for modeling metal forming processes. The method uses the hydraulic bulge test (HBT) and digital image correlation (DIC) analysis and applies the plastic work equivalency principle to determine an optimal arc length for the for calculation of a biaxial flowRead more

EWI To Offer Live Tele-welding Demos and New Research at FABTECH

Have you seen the new process known as tele-welding? Have you ever TRIED it? You’ll have your chance when you visit the CWB-EWI booths at FABTECH 2023, September 11-14 in Chicago. The setup for a tele-welding workstation Come drive the cutting-edge robotic system that can perform welding, gouging, cutting, and inspection from remote locations. You’llRead more

Predicting and Avoiding Crack Formation in Directed Energy Deposition

Common aerospace materials such as high-nickel alloys (such as René 80) or high-strength aluminum alloys (6000 and 7000 series) are not currently manufactured using additive manufacturing (AM) due to hot cracking.  As part of a $5M Department of Energy program, EWI, GE Research, and the University of South Carolina developed a model to predict andRead more

Using ICME to Predict Thermal Response in Single-shot Welding Processes

Integrated computational materials engineering (ICME) can be used effectively to understand thermal excursions and mechanical response in single-shot joining methods such as resistance-spot, flash-butt, friction, hot-gas, and thermite welding. As part of EWI’s ongoing series of papers examining the uses of ICME as a prediction tool in manufacturing, Senior Technology Leader Jerry Gould has writtenRead more

When Smaller is Better: EWI’S Microjoining Capabilities

Microjoining encompasses techniques including welding, brazing, soldering, and adhesive bonding. Typically, the technology involves materials with thicknesses less than 0.5 mm. Micro-welding techniques can be applied to join both similar and dissimilar materials combinations. Here are some key applications of microjoining today: Power electronics for electric vehicles (EVs). The integration of small-scale components, such asRead more

Wolfspeed is New EWI Member

We are pleased to welcome Wolfspeed, Inc., to EWI membership. The international company, based in Durham, North Carolina, is a semiconductor company focused on silicon carbide and GaN technologies. The post Wolfspeed is New EWI Member appeared first on EWI. Powered by WPeMatico