Resistance-based Sintering: A Breakthrough in Metal Consolidation Technology

Resistance-based sintering is a highly effective method for consolidating metal powders that combines the use of axial pressure with a flowing, high-intensity current without the need for atmospheric chambers. EWI began developing this technique a couple of years ago in an effort to replace spark plasma sintering. Our team made use of its considerable resistanceRead more

Oetiker Group Joins EWI Membership

EWI is pleased to welcome Oetiker Group to membership. Headquartered in Switzerland, with locations in more than 25 countries, Oetiker provides connecting solutions for the vehicle industry and for applications in industrial segments including clamps, rings, straps, and quick connectors ranging from powertrain and drivetrain applications to medical applications. The post Oetiker Group Joins EWIRead more

Confronting the Challenges of Modern CCUS System Design

In the energy sector, carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) is poised to play a key role in achieving many forward-thinking policy and industrial goals. Creating and ensuring a safe, sound CO2 transmission system, however, will not be easy. There are many technical issues to address and solve. EWI Principal Engineer and Research Leader JoshuaRead more


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Understanding Analytical Modeling of Thermal Excursions for Continuous Joining Processes

Integrated computational materials engineering (ICME) is an ever-growing field of study providing tools that can be directly applied to a range of manufacturing processes. Analytical modeling frameworks for assessing thermal excursions comprise a key element of welding ICME..  A useful subset of these frameworks can be employed to understand thermal excursions in welding and joining.Read more

Predicting Springback in Sheet Metal Forming

Emerging materials such as high-strength aluminum alloys, advanced high-strength steels (AHSS), and GEN3 steel have been increasingly applied in sheet metal forming components. These materials are known to have unique elastic and plastic material behaviors which create new challenges for engineers and designers. One of the behaviors is springback. Springback challenges include difficulties predicting, controlling,Read more

EWI Research to Be Presented in June

The following EWI associates will speak at professional events in June 2023: Bill Mohr, Principal Engineer, will present a webinar, Effects of Hydrogen Exposure of X70 and X80 Pipeline Steel Charpy Properties, on Wednesday, June 7th, at 1:00 pm. Jeff Ellis, Senior Technology Leader, will present Innovations in Polymer Joining at IME East on Wednesday,Read more

Did you miss EWI’s formability test methods webinar?

Updated Formability Test Methods, an EWI technical webinar, was presented by Engineering Group Leader Laura Zoller and Project Engineer Amir Asgharzadeh on May 3rd. If you were unable to attend, you can still view this recorded presentation – for free and on your own time – by completing the form below. Yes, I would like accessRead more

EWI Offers Services for Offshore Wind Development

As the energy sector expands its efforts to find economically viable methods to produce carbon-neutral power, EWI has broadened its capabilities to address this area of concern. Recently, we have reported about our work in materials evaluation for H2 service and our new hydrogen testing lab, as well as our efforts to apply our expertiseRead more

A Streamlined System to Capture High-speed Video and Process Data for Manufacturing Applications

Combining video with data acquisition programs can deliver a highly sophisticated tool for diagnosing potential problems and making adjustments while fabrication is in process. There are existing high-speed camera (HSC) and data acquisition (DAQ) systems that have been custom-built, but to-date these have been cumbersome to operate and commercially unsupported. EWI has developed a new,Read more