By: Buffalo Manufacturing Works Team | October 29th, 2020

Twin-wire gas metal arc welding (TW-GMAW) was recently
evaluated for use in high-productivity precision fillet welding applications by
EWI. The results show that TW-GMAW offers deep penetration, a wide and smooth underbead
profile, omni-directional deposition, process stability with variations in
CTWD, lower cost setup, and high-deposition arc-DED building capabilities.

EWI associates Michael Carney, Dennis Harwig, Nick Kapustka, and Travis Peterson have written a paper discussing this work, Twin-wire GMAW for High-productivity Precision Fillet Welds. To download this paper, free of charge, simply complete the form on this page

To learn more about this study, contact Michael Carney at [email protected]. To learn more about EWI’s capabilities in arc welding and directed energy deposition, click here.

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