By: Buffalo Manufacturing Works Team | December 15th, 2014


Recently, I was tuned in to NPR and caught a report about what the new factory worker should know in a special series called American Made: The New Manufacturing Landscape. The reporter visited a family-owned manufacturing facility in South Bend, Indiana that has been in existence for almost 100 years and is adopting new advanced manufacturing techniques to adapt its business and its workforce. I couldn’t help but think we have manufacturers here in Western New York with a similar story.

The reporter talked with an apprentice who is learning the ins and outs of high friction welding, a process that uses friction instead of fire, and talked about how intense his job is and how precise you need to be using the new technology. Both the owner and the apprentice talked about the need for highly skilled workers to run these new complex machines. Again, we’ve seen numerous articles in the Western New York media about the skilled worker shortage, especially the need for skilled welders.

The timing couldn’t be better for the opening of Buffalo Manufacturing Works. It will connect manufacturers with strategic partners to develop innovative solutions that will improve productivity, expand market potential and grow their workforce. Buffalo Manufacturing Works, operated by EWI, will be exposing manufacturers to new technologies and will work to leverage the intellectual knowledge of its collaborative partners (including Insyte Consulting, University at Buffalo and World Trade Center Buffalo Niagara) to establish our region as a hub of manufacturing innovation. Maybe soon you’ll be tuning in to American Made to hear how one of Buffalo’s manufacturers is revolutionizing a process or technique after working with Buffalo Manufacturing Works. Stay tuned!

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