By: Buffalo Manufacturing Works Team | March 20th, 2019

Vehicle electrification – once considered a trend related primarily to the manufacturing and assembly of batteries – now affects nearly every aspect of today’s vehicles. As the demand for vehicle electrification rapidly increases, manufacturers and suppliers face an array of engineering challenges.

Responding to the auto industry’s need to develop and deploy new concepts quickly, EWI has instituted a dedicated research program to address materials joining challenges related to the initiative, including:

  • Batteries – EWI has innovated and
    tested several methods to address the challenges of making batteries that are
    light enough, strong enough, powerful enough, and safe enough for a global
    fleet of cars. 
  • Powertrain – In response to the use of new materials
    and the introduction of new designs, EWI is leading the way to develop
    cutting-edge connection methods for increasingly complex wire harness and cable
  • Motors – EWI recently completed groundbreaking work in two emerging
    technologies for stator winding assembly: resistance-forge
    and capacitor discharge welding.

To help manufacturers and suppliers keep up with the current state of technology in these areas, EWI now offers several downloadable resources:

What do you see as the most concerning issues today for vehicle
electrification? What specific problems do you face at your company, and what
information or services do you need to solve them?

To help identify key industry concerns,  EWI invites automotive OEMs and suppliers to participate in a brief survey. The results of the survey will be shared with all respondents. Click here to participate.

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