Buffalo Manufacturing Works, launched in 2014, is a division of EWI. EWI is the leading engineering and technology organization in North America dedicated to developing, testing, and implementing advanced manufacturing technologies for industry. At Buffalo Manufacturing Works, we spend every day dedicated to the goal of creating economic impact through manufacturing innovation. Our team is proud to work for a company with an outstanding mission. In Buffalo, our goals are to:

  • Extend EWI’s impact to the Western New York area
  • Develop new cutting-edge manufacturing processes
  • Develop new ways to help manufacturing companies, such as manufacturing strategic planning services

Our work is made possible by the State of New York through the Buffalo Billion Investment Development Fund. State funding totals $80 million covering capital equipment, start-up operations funding, and the build out of a 50,000 square-foot facility. Since inception, we have created 653 jobs and $116 million dollars of impact as of January 2019 and our work is just beginning. We are aggressively scaling the heart of our organization: our technical teams and our technical offerings.

EWI accelerates manufacturing innovation by integrating its deep technical expertise with different layers of the manufacturing ecosystem. Our core is our technical experts: a group of highly engaged, entrepreneurial individuals who work in a collaborative and dynamic environment. We strive to make impact through a variety of platforms including confidential work for individual manufacturers, working with consortia to solve cross cutting manufacturing challenges, and through global initiatives, such as the ASTM AM Center of Excellence. We work with a diverse range of manufacturing sectors including aerospace, automotive, oil and gas, and consumer goods, as well as small, medium, and large manufacturers.

Strategic Planning Services

EWI has recently expanded its focus from developing technical solutions to an equally important challenge: strategically linking manufacturing innovation with business planning. To address this challenge, Buffalo Manufacturing Works has led the development of two new offerings:

  • Advanced Manufacturing Implementation Strategy: An advisory project in which EWI associates work with manufacturers to develop a roadmap and implementation plan to transition from the customer’s current manufacturing processes to one that enables them to meet their five-year business goals.
  • Shift: A program designed to provide small to medium-sized manufacturers with unparalleled access to expertise which includes a business assessment to evaluate where they fall on the technological innovation spectrum and a series of workshops to strengthen the manufacturers vision for the future. The engagement culminates in a hands-on innovation audit and provide them with a blueprint to move toward their future state goals.

Through these offerings, EWI utilizes a unique execution process involving technical generalists with business acumen, and technical experts ready to concept technical solutions. EWI continues to expand its offerings in this space to be our customer’s preferred partner in planned implementation.


AM team


Metal Additive Manufacturing

EWI plays an integral part in the development and adoption of metal additive manufacturing technologies. EWI has recruited a strong technical team, invested in cutting-edge equipment, and developed an inclusive range of platforms to create impact with each delivering impact at varying levels. At Buffalo Manufacturing Works, we run the following programs:

  • Individual Customer Projects: EWI works for individual customers on confidential projects that allow commercially available equipment to achieve new, tailored results.
  • Additive Manufacturing Consortium (AMC): EWI established the AMC in 2009. This highly-regarded and recognized consortium performs several consortia-selected pre-competitive R&D projects each year. Quarterly meetings provide both a forum to share results and a place for like-minded additive professionals to network and stay in touch with the latest technology trends and advancements.
  • ASTM AM Center of Excellence (CoE): EWI is a founding partner of the global ASTM AM Center of Excellence dedicated to performing and streamlining standards development enabling research. Partners in the ASTM AM CoE include Auburn University, NASA, NIAR, MTC in the UK, and NAMIC in Singapore. Additionally, EWI performs and publishes on government funded R&D initiatives with key contributions from America Makes, Navy, and Army.


In short, EWI provides platforms that allow technical experts to make a difference through challenging and rewarding work. As of 2019, the Buffalo Manufacturing Works team is 30 strong and set to grow to 60 in the next few years. If you share our vision, apply today!

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